Team Building Event

"Improvisation and Acting"

Teambuilding Event


When individuals with similar interests, attitudes, and tastes come together to work for a common objective, a team is formed. Every individual contributes equally and performs his level best to meet the team targets and achieve the organization’s goal.

The overarching goal to the teambuilding training is to make a group of individuals reach maximum performance potential as a team.

A team cannot do well unless it is integrated, values the input of other team members and allows creative input to help advance the overall goals, recognizing that every business venture, just like an operational stage, requires a great cast, a good story line, and stellar lead performances.

In order to build an integrated and high performance team, we will bring modern movie and acting strategies to the business world.

One of the key differentiators is that acting training necessarily focuses on emotional inter-personal relationships and communication, which directly translates to the workplace.

In this 3 hour work-session participants experience real acting training, participate in the typical warm–up exercises, learn how to improvise a scene script and will work together to create their own movie scene that they will tape in a professional setting.

No prior acting experience is needed and participants choose their own level of involvement.

Based on the world famous ‘Method Acting’ from the Actor’s Studio in New York, this workshop will make for an exciting, unforgettable, team-building experience.


  • Foster cooperation and interdependence between the team members
  • Learn how to play t everybody’s strength to maximize team performance
  • Energize and uplift your group
  • Uniting different personality types and embracing diversity
  • Stimulate creativity and improvisation
  • Demonstrate the value of an individual’s contribution to the group


Acting Warm-up - Time: est.15min
(Relaxation, Motivational Exercises, Fake ‘Hollywood Interview’, Free Association Exercises)

Improvisation ExercisesTime: est. 20min
(Role Playing different story lines and scenarios with different partners)

Tools for Use of Body LanguageTime: est. 25min
(Presentation with exercises and integration on how to influence emotions in a conversation and practice time)

Improvisation Exercise TVTime: 30 min
Participants create a Talk Show in a group setting and present in front of the forum

Small Break:

Improvisation Exercise MovieTime: 1hr 30min
Participants create a re – enactment of a famous movie and present in front of the forum.

If you’re ready to use world renown acting tools and push your team to a new level,
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