Speaker Training Seminar

"Communications Skills Training"

Speaker Training Workshop

Facing a regulatory board, competing for a winning bid or communicating complex ideas, all require ‘movie-like’ Presentation Skills to impact the emotions of the audience.

Presentations that work are about powerful communications, not PowerPoint. Charts and props can help the presentation, but they don’t win over audiences.

It’s the ability to connect with your target audience and move that audience toward your agenda, that will determine your success.

I started my journey studying Performance Art in London, then at the Actor's Studio, NYC and Film at New York University -SCE in New York with one goal: Learning the techniques Hollywood Legends use to make us feel emotions.

As an acting coach(link) and a filmmaker(link) I apply these tools to the entertainment world and for the past 15 years I have been teaching businesses how to apply the same techniques to give outstanding and exciting presentations in any area."

  • 2hr / 3hr Keynote Events up to 500 participants.
  • 8hr Personalized Training for up to 14 participants.
  • Private Coaching

Clients include: Visa, Abbott, Revlon, Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, P&G

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Soft Skills Training in Miami


  • How to get into a peak performance state every time
  • How to develop a personalized speakercharacter
  • Using the voice to influence and entertain
  • Commanding and Creating Emotions and Excitement in the Audience through Emotional Transference
  • How to dictate and change the body language
  • Personalized feedback and acting tips by award winning director
  • Increase credibility and trust through words and actions

If you’re ready to use world renown acting tools or if you have questions,

contact us at (786) 715-2049 or ralph@ralphkinnard.com