Speaker Training Seminar

"Communications Skills Training"

Speaker Training Workshop

Facing a regulatory board, competing for a winning bid or communicating complex ideas, all require ‘movie-like’ Presentation Skills to impact the emotions of the audience.

Presentations that work are about powerful communications, not PowerPoint. Charts and props can help the presentation, but they don’t win over audiences.

It’s the ability to connect with your target audience and move that audience toward your agenda, that will determine your success.

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Impacts and benefits of the training:

Some of the impacts and benefits that a presentation well delivered produce are the following:

a good presentation allows for a clear transmission of ideas, faster persuasion, therefore accelerating the buyout of an idea, a product, a proposal, or a project.

Benefit: acceleration of corporate processes such as time-to-market of a new product; faster (and more) sales; etc.

good presentations produce more effective meetings allowing for a faster achievement of the proposed meeting’s outcomes.

Benefit: optimal use of time of key organizational leaders and all employees in general, fostering productivity

Engagement & Connection:
by excelling at creating emotions for a target audience the leaders of an organization are more likely to align, motivate and engage their teams.

Benefit: engaged organization, aligned around its strategic objectives, attracting and retaining top talent

Competitive compensation package:
be a good presenter is a valuable skill and asset for any team member

Benefit: employees will perceive this as an added value to its compensation packages, therefore making more competitive your offer to that of any other company in the market

Target audience for the training:

The Speaker training can be delivered to multiple groups within a corporation, however the more common are the following:

  • General Manager
  • Executive Committee
  • Sales teams
  • Managers

The Speaker Training offer could include the tailoring of the workshop content to each target group, therefore maximizing the relevance and effectiveness on the participants.

The group size is limited to 10 participants to allow each team member to present on stage.


Recognizing that every business venture, just like an operational stage, requires a great cast, a good story line, and stellar lead performances, we will bring modern movie and acting strategies to the business world.

In this workshop participants will get new insights and practical tools to improve their public speaking skills as well as their interpersonal relationships with clients and team members.

They will get to know concepts on how to use emotions effectively and appropriately in meetings and presentations to excite and motivate any audience.

Based on the world famous ‘Method Acting’ from the Actor’s Studio in New York, this workshop will teach how to leverage each unique personality when speaking.

The training will be a fully personalized experience tailored to your needs. It draws on long term established acting methods that are proven to work when people need them most: for presentations, on camera, on stage, and in any other public speaking situation.


  • How to get into a peak performance state every time
  • How to develop a personalized speakercharacter
  • Using the voice to influence and entertain
  • Commanding and Creating Emotions and Excitement in the Audience through Emotional Transference
  • How to dictate and change the body language
  • Personalized feedback and acting tips by award winning director
  • Increase credibility and trust through words and actions


Session 1 - ‘How to use and create Emotions’

Session 2 - ‘The Character of the Speaker

Session 3 - ‘The Emotional Curve, Voice, Body Language’

Session 4 - ‘Powerpoints and use of Stage’

In several sessions participants get taped and they will receive these videos through private Youtube Links.

If you’re ready to use world renown acting tools and push your team to a new level,
we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions, or if you’d like more information about our transformative seminars and live events, contact us today or call us at (786) 715-2049.