“Great Insights, very practical loved it”

Franky Arriola - Nap Dog Media

“Our Team got exactly what we needed and … we had a blast. Thanks!

Federico Grayeb - Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“Ralph was amazing. He helped pinpoint strengths and weaknesses quickly and created a great learning experience.”

Sarah Parentti - Business Owner

Better Presentations Produce:

  • more effective meetings
  • faster corporate processes such as time-to-market for new products
  • faster (and more) sales
  • motivated and engaged teams

Why our Training is different

1. Generalized, quick – fix, Speaker Trainings don’t work. You already have the content of your presentation, what you need is personalized DIRECTION, just like on a movie set, to get the most out of your natural charisma and presentation skills.

2. Audiences get excited about the HOW you deliver your content. If you have ever watched TED, you know that great speakers make any content exciting.

3. You need to create a CHARACTER as a speaker. It is not the regular ‘you’, that is up there. Regular ‘me’s’ are just not exciting enough.

Acting Tools help your entire team to present and communicate in a whole new way.

Taking into account that every company, just like an operational stage requires a great cast, interesting script and stellar lead performances we will use modern movie and acting strategies applied to the business world.

  • Speaker Training / Public Speaking
  • Team Building
  • Communication and Improvisation Seminars

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Phone: 786.715.20.49