In 2005 I published my first book 'Steps into Acting'. At the launch party I was approached by Sales Rep with a simple proposal:

"Why don't you teach the same strategies to me and my team? Anybody working in Sales, Management and Leadership positions is going to love what you have to offer."

 Together we developed a program that makes acting techniques highly effective for the corporate world and nails down key strategies to make corporate processes more effective.

Ralph Kinnard

is an award-winning actor’s director, with extensive work experience in three different countries and their cultures: Germany, the USA, and Venezuela.

He has had an outstanding career as an acting coach and over the last 15 years has worked with talent from South America and the USA who can be seen on ABC, NBC, E! Entertainment, Telemundo, Univsion etc. He currently runs the Miami Acting Studio developing new talents.

Additionally, as a filmmaker, he is the winner of several prestigious awards and recently directed the legendary Burt Reynolds in the romantic comedy ‘Miami Love Affair’.

His unique approach to teaching Emotional Intelligence and Speaker Trainings have made him a sought after keynote speaker for international companies such as Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Banco Central Universal, Kraft, J.W. Thompson, Procter & Gamble, and others…

 Actors have one key marketing effort:

Sell their emotions

Writers will create their content, Set Designers, Wardrobe, Make-up and Cinematographers give them their image and they are now bestowed with the task to excite the audience using emotions. The better and more consistent they are in this marketing effort, the more successful and famous they become. Jennifer Aniston is only marketing successfully 'happy','girl next door', Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie only 'bad girl' emotions to give you an example.

The same holds true for your presentation:

Together we will develop a simple blue print of marketable emotions and practice how to effectively apply them to your business needs. (and that's what directors learn at film school).

You will impact your audience in a whole new way and impress with a new sense of 'Movie Magic'