Having amazing presentation skills can make or break your career. That’s where I can help. I’ve condensed years of training and teaching Emotional Intelligence / Body Language / Emotional Transference into a quick to learn blueprint that will change the way you give presentations forever.

  • You’ll learn the secret why ‘regular’ presentations are flat-lining leaving the regular presenter looking like a fake sales person.
  • You will practice the 3 tools you need to add to any presentation
  • You’ll get a Masterclass in Body Language and how to position yourself for maximum impact.
  • You’ll see a simple trick how to make presentations a GREAT experience.


Nobody wants to give boring presentation or lousy performances. After years of working with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives and professionals from companies like VISA, Mastercard, P&G, Revlon, Abbott and many more, this training is your Masterclass in Public Speaking.


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Evette Ortiz - Figora

The anecdotal feedback on your session was AWESOME! The team really appreciated the techniques, how interactive and engaging your delivery was, and how relevant the topic is for their roles. We saw them applying some of their learnings on the next day presentations/business updates, and I’m confident they will not forget it!


Evette Ortiz - Figora VISA

"Everything we do is Sales -
Selling an idea, selling a product or selling our unique skill sets. All sales have an emotional aspect. In fact, we can't make a decision without an emotion."

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 This program is a soft training designed to help you with Presentations, Public Speaking and improving your performance in front of an audience