"Everything we do is Sales -
Selling an idea, selling a product or selling our unique skill sets. All sales have an emotional aspect. In fact, we can't make a decision without an emotion."

I started my journey studying Performance Art in London, then at the Actor's Studio, NYC and New York University -SCE Film in New York with one goal: Learning the techniques Hollywood Legends use to make us feel emotions. As an acting coach and a filmmaker I apply these tools to the entertainment world and for the past 15 years I have been teaching businesses how to apply the same techniques to give outstanding presentations in any area."

Clients include: Visa, Abbott, Revlon, Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, P&G


The anecdotal feedback on your session was AWESOME! J The team really appreciated the techniques, how interactive and engaging your delivery was, and how relevant the topic is for their roles. We saw them applying some of their learnings on the next day presentations/business updates, and I’m confident they will not forget it!


Evette Ortiz-Figora, VISA Miami

Ralph gives very good insights. It's a good balance between constructive critizism and feedback + motivation. Love it.

Franky Arriola, Media Spokesperson

I came to learn how to engage an audience in an open format and bring my personality to life. This workshop was great for communicating and learning how to connect with others. Highly recommended.

Ammad Robbins, Laywer

I work in the technology sector and presentations can be a bore. Breaking them down and knowing about the ‘concentration span’ of the audience is going to make a huge difference.

Jaime Nicolas-Correa, Entrepreneur

The course was well structured and gave me a blueprint to prepare better before the next presentation. I liked that it was a small group and that we did so many exercises.

Patricia Barragan, Tech Consultant

I went to Toastmasters and tried different courses, but the difference really is Ralph’s feedback and being able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. I will keep practicing and come back for another session.

Sarah Parienti, Business Owner


Emotions are the reason why clients buy. 80% of all Sales Decisions are emotionally driven. Learn how to use Emotions as Sales Tools.


Since the 1960's Method Actors have tools  to affect the audience at will. You will learn the same tools as an Oscar winning Actor.


Body Language, Emotions Transference and Presentation Strategies are part of a teachable and logical training anybody can aquire


No more anxiety, fear and stressful presentations - acting tools make 'regular' people 'outstanding'. It simply works!

1. Every presentation and meeting is a performance and you are a performer. Acting Training teaches how to always perform well (even actors have bad days).

2. Generalized, quick – fix, Speaker Trainings don’t work. You need personalized DIRECTION and feedback just like on a movie set, to get the most out of your natural charisma and talent.

3. Audiences get excited about the HOW you deliver your content: Body language, Tone of Voice, Emotional Transference is the gold that moves people to 'buy' your 'show'.

4. Anybody can learn these tools, just like anybody can learn how to drive a car. Think of it as 'driving lessons' in performing for business.

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