Method Actors have consistently influenced the emotions of any audience since the 1960's.

Apply the same step by step playbook to the corporate world to allow yourself to influence the emotional state of any audience.

Learn how to structure your presentation to maximize the retention, how to create better Power Point Presentations and how to set yourself up for a calm and positive presentation experience using Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Create a 'Speaker Character' - just like in the movies, so every day you can be and perform in a peak state.

Use your Body Language to dictate the response of your audience and a lot more..


Imagine giving presentations
without fear or anxiety,

entertaining your audience at every turn,
impacting their decision-making process and

getting your message across.

Better Presentations Produce:

MORE effective meetings

FASTER corporate processes such as time-to-market for new products

FASTER (and more) sales

MOTIVATED and engaged teams

Tools And Principles


Emotions are the reason why clients buy. 80% of all Sales Decisions are emotionally driven. Learn how to use Emotions as Sales Tools.


Since the 1960's Method Actors have tools  to affect the audience at will. You will learn the same tools as an Oscar winning Actor.


Body Language, Emotions Transference and Presentation Strategies are part of a teachable and logical training anybody can aquire


No more anxiety, fear and stressful presentations - acting tools make 'regular' people 'outstanding'. It simply works!

Whether you are a CEO, work in SALES or are a team leader.. make any stage your stage and develop your presentation skills to engage

Your Communication Skills define the Future of your team, your Company and your Personal Success. Use these powerful Tools and up-to-date Insights to have more impact and influence effectively.

What People Are Saying

I came to learn about Public Speaking and getting a structure for Presentation. Ralph's feedback and learning style are very interactive and exceeded my expecations. I am more confident and much better prepared to meet large groups.

Anna Bogomazova, Real Estate Agent

Ralph gives very good insights. It's a good balance between constructive critizism and feedback + motivation. Love it.

Franky Arriola, Media Spokesperson

I came to learn how to engage an audience in an open format and bring my personality to life. This workshop was great for communicating and learning how to connect with others. Highly recommended.

Ammad Robbins, Laywer

I work in the technology sector and presentations can be a bore. Breaking them down and knowing about the ‘concentration span’ of the audience is going to make a huge difference.

Jaime Nicolas-Correa, Entrepreneur

The course was well structured and gave me a blueprint to prepare better before the next presentation. I liked that it was a small group and that we did so many exercises.

Patricia Barragan, Tech Consultant

I went to Toastmasters and tried different courses, but the difference really is Ralph’s feedback and being able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. I will keep practicing and come back for another session.

Sarah Parienti, Business Owner

Clients Include: